Museum 360

Museum 360 Review of Your Visitors Experience

Museum staff are always striving to provide the very best experience for your museum’s visitors. But, maybe it would be a good idea to have a fresh set of eyes review your museum visitor’s experience. Now Museum Planning LLC is offering a Museum 360 Evaluation service.

The evaluation includes:

  • A review of museum core documents
  • A review of Pre-Visit (Online Experience, Website, Social Media), Visit and Post-Visit
  • An onsite review of museum and museum procedures
  • A written report that includes analysis of all museum systems
  • A prioritized list of areas for improvement
  • A schedule of areas of improvement
  • Resources for Staff, Board of Directors and Volunteers
  • If appropriate, approximate costs for Strategic Planning, Museum Master Planning and Exhibition Design and Fabrication projects

Please contact us for Museum 360 Evaluation pricing and to set up a phone call to get started on your Museum 360 Evaluation.

Thank you for your consideration and you efforts to create the very best museum visitor experience !