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Museum Visitor Experience

SYNERGIES I mentioned. The final paper is the one I mentioned about how three youth living in the same community, of the same age, attending the same school, but with very different backgrounds navigate the STEM learning ecosystem

  1. Taking an Ecosystem Approach to STEM Learning, Connected Science Learning, March 1, 2016, John H. Falk, Lynn D. Dierking, Nancy Staus, Jennifer Wyld, Deborah Bailey and William Penuel
  2. 2020 Vision: Envisioning a new generation of STEM learning research, Lynn D. Dierking, John H. Falk
  3. Interested, Disinterested, or Neutral: Exploring STEM Interest Profiles and Pathways in A Low-Income Urban Community, Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education, April 2020, Nancy L. Staus, John H. Falk, William R. Penuel, Lynn D. Dierking,


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