Future of Museums is Digital

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Introduction, museum without wall, seamless in person and online

Internet of Things

Cross platform file format

Touchless digital interface in museums

AI and museum audience research

Databases and Community Demographics

Online learning, Kahoot, Quizlet and

Personalized learning and AI in Museums

AI and Museum Evaluation

AI and audience research

Touchless Museum Digital Interfaces



  1. Creating The Smart Museum: The Intersection Of Digital Strategy, Kiosks And Mobile, Asian Art Museum MW2017
  2. MoMA Digital on Medium
  3. A Deep Dive into The Met’s Collection Information Digital Work System
  4. Online Event SAAS

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SYNERGIES I mentioned. The final paper is the one I mentioned about how three youth living in the same community, of the same age, attending the same school, but with very different backgrounds navigate the STEM learning ecosystem

  1. Taking an Ecosystem Approach to STEM Learning, Connected Science Learning, March 1, 2016, John H. Falk, Lynn D. Dierking, Nancy Staus, Jennifer Wyld, Deborah Bailey and William Penuel
  2. 2020 Vision: Envisioning a new generation of STEM learning research, Lynn D. Dierking, John H. Falk
  3. Interested, Disinterested, or Neutral: Exploring STEM Interest Profiles and Pathways in A Low-Income Urban Community, Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education, April 2020, Nancy L. Staus, John H. Falk, William R. Penuel, Lynn D. Dierking,

User-centered Design in Museums

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Research Regarding User-centered Design in Museums

  1. Lai, Justin & Honda, Tomonori & Yang, Maria. (2010). A study of the role of user-centered design methods in design team projects. Artificial intelligence for engineering design analysis and manufacturing.
  2. A study of the role of user-centered design methods in design team projects

Keywords: User-centered Design, Human Centered Design, Customer Experience, Service Design Tools, Museum Strategic Planning Process, Museum Value Proposition Canvas, Museum Business Model Canvas, Museum Stakeholder Analysis, Museum Empathy Maps, Museum Audience Segments, Museum Personas, Museum Journey Map, Museum Experience Map, Museum Community Demographics, Museum Objectives, Museum Stakeholder Strategy, Museum Mood Board, Primary Museum Visitor Loop, Museum Bubble Diagram, Museum Content Map, Museum Service Blueprint, Museum System Map

Additional Resources:

  1. Museums and the Web
  2. Nielsen Norman Group
  3. Service Design Tools
  4. Interaction Design Foundation, User Centered Design

New Museum CX Website !

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Hi All,

Happy Holidays!

I am using time during the holidays to setup the Museum CX website.  What started as a book writing project has grown to include online courses, a subscription service and online tools.  It has been fun making the book into an interactive online experience.

Please leave any feedback or comments below.